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Victorian Jealousy, 12″ Limited Edition Red Vinyl + Silk Scarf release, with Hairbone LINK

Spin the Bottle, video loop

*Easter Island Strobe Paradise & Party, authentic blockchain strobe light dealership LINK

*The Sick Bats, bat-related mixed media, music, video, performance

Beaded Interludes (Dusk), event/ installation 

*Beaded Interludes (travel size), spherical mixed media + LEDs, illuminated verticality LINK

*Beaded Interludes (reprise) spherical mixed media + LEDs, illuminated verticality LINK

I Feel So Crazy with Raúl de Nieves & Hairbone, installation & live performance LINK

Spacers threaded lamp spacers, compact discs, LEDs, wiring, assorted junk mail LINK

Spacers (the Compression Grotto)
light sculpture installation with inter-related digital elements in text, audio, and video projection LINK

*Record Store 1
display case, 7-inch records, original soundtrack, headphones, video projections, engraved acrylic screenplay text, mirror, compact discs, cables, assorted lamp parts LINK



Earth To Momma LP with Hairbone (release September 2018) LINK

Earth To Momma music video  LINK

D.O.A. at the B.O.A. music video  LINK

Coming Soon, public video commission Cobo Center Marquee Art Series, Detroit

Mirror Question Vol. 1, public bathroom mirror etchings

George: the story of George Maciunas & Fluxus
Feature Documentary; Editing, Motion Graphics + Sound Design by Jessie Stead LINK

*DFPF mail art, mixed media correspondence LINK



The Walkman mixed media, video, audio, light installation LINK

*Head Stands mixed media, light, audio LINK

*Punched Interludes mixed media, audio LINK

Soap Opera live performance with HARIBO

D.O.A. at the B.O.A. live performance with HARIBO LINK

The Mange unreleased LP



*Runaway Interludes mixed media video + installation LINK

*Beaded Interludes (intestinal dimensions) polybutadiene balls, LED lighting LINK

*Duh Angel LIVE @ Jenny’s performance + exhibition w/ R. Lyon LINK

*Duh Angel LIVE @ Freddy (with electrolytes) event + editions w/ R. Lyon LINK

Under the Weird Moons (Official Video) music video w/ Jack Name LINK



The Extra O video, audio, text, installation LINK

Oasis of the Seas: Volume One video installation w/ Trisha Baga

Freaky Sunday video installation w/ Trisha Baga LINK

Meanwhile At The Moon Hotel video

Ambient Whiskey Slap video LINK

*Duh Angel book launch event & editions w/ R. Lyon LINK



How To Quit Smoking At The Moon Hotel video LINK

Vines music, ed. 50 cassette tapes, w/ HARIBO LINK

The Rest of the Gold music video, w/ HARIBO

Weed Piñata event w/ R. Lyon LINK

Golden Champagne exhibition & editions w/ R. Lyon LINK

Gratis? video installation w/ Trisha Baga LINK



*20 Channel Jamboree vol. 01 video, starring HARIBO, with Raul De Nieves + Nathan Whipple

Ambient Lines installation + editions

*Today! Nocturnes video/s LINK

You Are Now Running On Reserve Battery Power video LINK

The Night That I Became Ambient video loop LINK

*AMBIENTS a mood lighting group, etc. LINK

*HARIBO installation + performance, w/ Raul De Nieves + Nathan Whipple LINK

*Laces vol. 01 video loop



Today! Chase Scenes film/video

Today! Clockwipe Trailer film/video LINK

*Clearchannel Tracking Shot vol. 01 film/video LINK

Wellington Girls music video, with Nathan Whipple LINK

Polyrhythm 21 video

Rain, Candy video installation, with Raul de Nieves



*Today! film/video episodic LINK

Today! TBA film/video, with David Gatten

Today! Mystique Lounge film/video, with David Gatten

*Club Desktop print portfolio LINK

Poor Man’s Puce Moment video LINK

*A Drive-In live installation event series LINK

*Beer Guitar music + performance/s, etc.



Foggy Mountains Breakdown More Than Non-Foggy Mountains film/video LINK

*Stick-On Subtitles multiples LINK

*Clearchannel Analogue Video Library video/s, etc. LINK

*Huge Flag video

Flesh Unitard in PEACE music video, with Jack Name LINK

The Oracle Good Buddy music video, with Jack Name

Chung King music video, with Jack Name



Left Behind By Runaway Mutants video/s

The West Coast of Massachusetts music



Minus One Song music LINK

Not Alive or Hurt video

Inappropriate Self Portraits video/s

Nerve Loops video/s

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